Accusations of Democide – is that why Jacinda calls for global censorship?

You have to wonder why Jacinda is calling for global censorship of any and all information that is not aligned to her thinking? She famously said “Don’t talk to your neighbours” and “we are your single source of truth”. Later when asked if she was making NZ into a two tear system she smirked and said “it is what it is”. All this does make her sound like a ‘B’ movie dictator. Now she seems worried that the neighbours may have a thing or two to say about being treated like prisoners, locked down, restricted, forced to jump, then stop, then hop one foot whilst wearing one mask, then two masks. Whilst at the same time Sudden Vaccine Death Syndrome is causing fellow citizens, friends, loved ones to drop like felled trees, or suffer debilitating side-effects that rots their health. Open letters to the Police have been submitted again and again for criminal investigations into the democide of New Zealenders. No wonder Jacinda does not want anyone to talk about this or anything else that could get her and her World Economic agenda 21/2020 crime mates in trouble.

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Jacinda’s plan: fear, terror, trauma

Our children are now being raised in fear.
Fear of each other
Fear of the world
Fear of illnesses, viruses, & even the air they breathe.

They are being taught to fear everything.

Prolonged fear is terror, and terror becomes trauma.

The psychological damage being done is irreversible.
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Dan Bongino, New Zealand Prime Minister Goes Full 1984!

There has never been anything more dangerous than a government that thinks “it’s” the single source of truth, like some egotistic centralised database, where every one becomes a number and the government is wearing Jack Boots to stomp on the populace. Don’t let them. Rise up, do it now before the chains and fetters are put on you arms and legs.

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Ashley Bloomfield, One Last Time

Ashley Bloomfield spoke from the podium of odium for the last time yesterday, then he stood down from his position as New Zealand’s Director General of Health. In his final appearance he used falsified data to push boosters that are killing people, and if that wasn’t enough, he made it clear that he wants water fluoridation throughout the whole of New Zealand as well. This video is my little tribute to him. Needless to say, I’m not shedding any tears at his departure.

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A country in crisis -Wellington 23.08.22 – be the change

A country in crisis

Wellington 23.08.22
A country in crisis
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New Zealand Police looking at investigating COVID jab deaths

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Countering Michael Baker’s Misinformation-Filled Sales Pitch for Mandating Masks Indoors & In Schools in New Zealand

For reference, full interview, Newshub

Point-by-point rebuttal of Michael Baker of Masks & Mass Masking and

Did masks increase cases & deaths?


Correlation Between Mask & COVID-19 Outcomes in Europe

A mechanism by which masks contribute to COVID-19 case fatality rate


Mask Study Finds No Impact on Covid Infections from Mask-Wearing

The Foegen Effect: Why Face Masks Increase the Death Rate of COVID-19

Face Masks and Covid-19: The Foegen Effect

Carbon Dioxide/Masks in Children

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Shocking, 10% rise in excess mortality in 3rd & 4th COVID (experimental) shot takers

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Confirmed: Sound Weapons used in Wellington against New Zealanders

OIA Doc Confirms Use of Sound Weapons Against Protestors

‘A document released under the Official Information Act (OIA), revealed two long range acoustic devices (Lrads) were deployed at the Parliament protest on March 2.’

‘The devices have the potential to cause permanent hearing damage, which has led to the device being limited in several jurisdictions in the United States following lawsuits.’

The document also reveals:

‘Instructions for the use of pepper spray in a crowd were also changed, with the new rules coming into force the day before officers moved in on protesters.’

‘The new rules said pepper spray could be utilised against more than one person at a time “where the circumstances justify its deployment”.’

‘The obligations of police to provide aftercare, were also changed from “must” to “must if the circumstances allow”.’

Source: NZ Herald 29th June 2022

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The Masks Don’t Work, They Just Make You Worse . . . 

“The masks don’t work

They just make you worse

But I hope I’ll see your face again” 

Filmed in Wellington on June 18, 2022.

You Tube



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